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  • January 28, 2020
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Let’s delve into Event Apps and how they have transformed the event industry.

We all have our favourite Apps right? They range from fitness Apps right through to recipe Apps and most of us prefer to do our banking on Apps as well.

Every sector of business has been affected by this technology.

The event industry is no different. Approximately ten years ago, a new tool for conferences emerged, yes that’s right Mobile apps. They had core features that focussed on programs and content. These enabled attendees to swap their 200-page printed programme for a mobile app on their iOS, Android, and even Blackberry device. (Do you still remember those)

Some event professionals were initially sceptical as to whether this new way of conveying event information was the future.

In came the smartphones and mobile flip-phones were in the past, and it was clear that mobile event apps were here to stay. It gave event managers the ability to interact with attendees right on their own phones.

Apps have advanced and continue to advance. These days, you can customize an app so it looks like it was created specifically for an event (impressive right) At the same time, apps enhance and personalize attendee experiences.

If you have wondered how it will benefit you as an event planner here is a quick summary to put it all into perspective.

It helps you to unlock the full potential of your event and engage your attendees. Apps also offer Real-time updates. It sets your event apart. The best part is that you don’t need any design experience.

Some of the functionality that can be achieved is custom branding, venue, map and parking information, speaker profiles and itineraries. Our improved App has additional features like social media links, workshop programmes, updates and even feedback and rating options.

Should you wish to take all your events to the next level, send us a message or email and we will gladly setup a meeting to come show you a demo.


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